The main product of the company is absorbent multi-layer disposable underpads.

The production process of disposable absorbent diapers:

1. The formation of multilayer fabric, fastening of layers, folding and cutting and of finished underpads takes place on an automatic industrial unit (line):

A) pressed rolled pulp is fluffed in line mill and laid on the distribution layer of the tissue paper; 

(during the manufacture of underpads with SAP and other fillers – then the dispensers spread super-absorbent polymer powder or other additives on the moving canvas)

B) the canvas is covered with a second layer of tissue paper (in 5-layer underpads) and is embossed in hot calender shafts (15 mm diamonds pattern);

C) the formed canvas is covered from above with nonwoven material (spunbond), from the bottom – with a polyethylene film, the layers are fastened by a hot-glue method (melted glue) in a system of glue stations and shafts;

D) the resulting multi-layer canvas is folded, and then cut into separate underpads;

E) the line operators conduct current control of the dimensional and weight parameters of the products, their compliance with the technical specification.

 2. The finished underpads from the automatic unit are fed by a conveyor to the packaging shop, where the underpads:

 A) are counted, marked (if necessary), packed with the help of auxiliary packaging and sealing equipment;

 B) the finished packages are placed in transport corrugated boxes;

 C) during the packaging process, current product quality control and regulated sampling of products for QC research and further acceptance of the ready product at the warehouse are carried out.