Types of packaging

Types of packaging used.



Euroslot packaging is a transparent polypropylene bag. On one side it is joined by a reinforced polypropylene slot of higher density – from 35 to 200 microns – usually white, has a hole that allows you to fix the packaged goods on brackets for placement in cabinets, racks. At the bottom of the bag is either fixed with an adhesive valve, or completely sealed.

Plastic bag.


Bags of different sizes and designs, both transparent and painted, with printing images, inscriptions and markings. Mostly made of LDPE. The package is fixed by means of an adhesive flap or it is fully sealed. Thin bulk HDPE bags may serve as additional internal protection for in-box packages.

Polyethylene bag with handle (chest).


Transparent or colored bags, structurally having bottom and side folds and a reinforced top with cut-outs to form a handle. Made of all types of polyethylene (HDPE, PMD, LDPE), different sizes. Packaging is sealed.

Combined packs.


In some cases, the packages are a more complex design, such as:

  • LDPE bag + cardboard sheath holder for Doggies Zoo Diapers
  • Cardboard tubes + shrink wrap for houses “Petmil SENO-SOLOMA
Corrugated cardboard (corrugated box, corrugated box).


Corrugated cardboard consists of alternating flat and corrugated cardboard/paper layers: a lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly material. For transport packaging we use corrugated cardboard boxes, which provide convenient storage and protection of products from mechanical damage during delivery to the consumer.

Our company has developed models of corrugated boxes-transformers for some kinds of products: turning into nice houses for pets.



The importance of product and package labeling used in the company: