Equipment and technologies

The company’s production started with launching, mastering and serial production of the shop’s first automatic line – model JWC-CFD from JIANGSU JWC MACHINERY CO. LTD, equipped with SIEMENS (Germany) automatics.

Operation of such equipment requires coordinated interaction of complex compression-hydraulic, ventilation and filtration systems, electronic programmable control and coordination of all shop components.

Maintenance teams of automatic production are formed by the personnel, which passed the required training and probation on the job under supervision of experienced specialists and allowed to work independently after successful completion of tests.

During work with the equipment, a team of technical specialists of the I&C department and commissioning engineers gained good experience, who are able not only to maintain the operation, but also successfully perform adjustments and modernization of the line, its auxiliary units and control automatics.

Formation of multilayer fabric, cutting, binding layers, folding of the finished diaper occurs on automated lines (see diaper production).

Then, the semi-finished diaper goes to the packing and packaging workshop, where, in accordance with technical documentation, it is tested by the quality control service, packaged, labeled and placed on the shipping boxes of the final product – to be transferred to the warehouse and shipped to the consumer.

This year within the framework of modernization and expansion of production a new workshop was built, a new automatic line DNW-CD of QUANZHOU XINGYUAN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CO. LTD, on Mitsubishi (Japan) controllers.

The pre-treatment shop of basic raw materials is put into operation, designed to significantly increase the efficiency of quality control, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production.