For pets

For pets

Comfort and cleanliness for a dog and a cat!


Our main products for pets are hygienic absorbent disposable mats and underpads.

Underpad mats (Petmil and My Puppy brands) will be a cozy and hygienic corner for an animal to rest; they will also be useful:

  • to keep the feeding and toilet areas of animals clean;
  • for comfortable transportation of animals in vehicles;
  • when visiting a veterinarian, club, exhibition;
  • for the care of sick, pregnant, lactating animals;
  • can be used for potty training

Toilet underpads (Petmil WC, My Puppy WC brands) are more intended for:

  • toilet for small breeds of domestic dogs;
  • potty training for puppies;
  • are effective in caring for any pets that require additional attention (pregnant, lactating, sick), and when transporting animals over long distances.

Directions for use: Unfold the toilet mat / underpad with the absorbent side up and place where needed. Change the mat to a fresh one as it gets dirty. It is possible to use mats and underpads together with carriers, trays and poles for toilets.

Precautions: Do not let the animal play with the product or damage it to avoid the release of the inner filler. Avoid ingestion by animals.

In the manufacturing of all products for animals, we use only proven non-toxic materials that are absolutely safe for animals and people.

A special sanitary regime is observed at all stages of production, a thorough quality control, materials’ conformity, and the technological process is carried out.


PETMIL – Comfort and tidiness for a dog and a cat!

PETMIL WC – Convenience for the pet – comfort for the owner!

MY PUPPY – Smart Saving!