Hygiene and medicine

Hygiene and medicine

The production of hygiene and medical products is the basic activity of our company. We create specially for people high-quality and affordable disposable products.


Medical sanitary absorbent disposable underpads Medmil (medmil) are produced according to TU 9398-002-11046488-2016, agreed and approved by the Test Laboratory of Medical Products FGBU FNKTs FHM FMBA of Russia. These specifications were developed for the production of a whole range of medical underpads of different sizes and designs. There are produced underpads of sizes 20х30 cm, 60х20 cm, 40х60 cm, 60х60 cm, 90х60 cm, 120х60 cm, 170х90 cm, 180х90 cm in several versions: Economy, Optima, Lux. Versions differ in design, weight, availability of super-absorbent polymer (SAP). 

In the production of absorbent disposable underpads Medmil, we use only hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials. Pulp – only bleached without the use of chlorine compounds, which eliminates the entry into the product residues of toxic industrial chemicals. The upper coating in contact with the patient’s skin is made of soft non-woven fabric (100% polypropylene – a bioinert material used for manufacturing syringes, catheters, surgical threads and implants).

At all stages of production the sanitary regime is observed, careful quality control and compliance of materials and technological process is carried out.


According to the Technical Specifications, Medmil absorbent disposable underpads are intended for use in the care of the bedridden, postoperative patients, people with reduced mobility, during medical examinations, manipulations and procedures in medical institutions, clinics and at home. Also – as additional protection for bedclothes and chairs when using diapers and during care of patients suffering from urinary incontinence (incontinence) and feces, during hygienic procedures and during bandage changes.

The functional purpose of an absorbent underpads is to control the spread of liquids and to absorb them, and when using superabsorbents (as in the Lux version) to bind the liquid as a gel. Moisture-proof bottom layer of the underpad protects linen, clothing, furniture and medical equipment from contamination and soaking.

The underpads are convenient for nursing patients in all conditions, allowing avoiding additional inconveniences and financial expenses associated with sanitary processing and washing the bedclothes, drying and replacing mattresses, handling furniture, etc.

The use of disposable absorbent underpads facilitates and makes the work of the staff more efficient (productive), creating a more comfortable environment for the patient. Underpads are indispensable for patient care at home.

Absorbent underpads are used periodically. Indications for the use of Medmil absorbent underpads are hygienic and medical procedures, such as

  • wet washing or treatment with sprays and cleansing compositions of the patient’s skin (large sizes 60×90, 60×120 cm and underpads “with wings” 170×90, 180×90 cm are convenient);
  • treatment of oral cavity, eyes, ears, tracheostoma, ileo- and colostomies (small sizes of underpads can be useful – 20×30, 20×60 cm);
  • feeding the patient, placing probes, gastric lavage, endoscopic examinations and procedures;
  • diaper-sleeps changing, diapering and treating the skin while doing so; the period of selecting the required size and absorbency of the diaper-sleeps (when leaks are possible);
  • in the period of “diaper rest” in patients with severe urinary incontinence and prolonged use of diapers – air baths to aerate the skin, protect it from irritation and infection;
  • when using a duck or vessel in bed; when catheterizing the bladder, setting up an enema;
  • as additional protection for linen and furniture during vascular punctures, infusions, dressings and treatment of wounds, drains, fistulas;
  • during massages, physical therapy, physiotherapy and balneotherapy;
  • when transporting patients – in a wheelchair, on a stretcher, in an ambulance, including – when providing first aid outside the institution;
  • It is possible to use the underpads as a part of the linen sets for obstetrics, in sterile operation kits, in the incubators for newborns, etc.

! A special folding of packaged underpads allows you to spread them “surgically” – without touching the clean absorbent surface with your hands.

Various sizes and gradations on the absorbency of the underpads allow to pick up the most economical and effective models of underpads for specific procedures and manipulations and to make the adjusted technical specifications for purchases.

Handling used underpads according to the rules of the institution and established by SanPiN to class A or B, with subsequent utilization – is less time consuming and expensive process than handling, washing, disinfecting and maintenance of disposable cotton linen, oilcloth, protective coatings.