Our Trademarks

Our company has developed and manufactures goods under its own Trade Marks (trademarks):  

Medmil, Medmil WC – sanitary and medical products.

Babymil, KIDDIE – goods specially designed for babies.

Petmil, Petmil WC, Petmil WC Black Premium, Petmil Релакс, MY PUPPY, MY PUPPY WC, СЕНО-СОЛОМА – products for pets.

Avtomil, Avtomil DryCar, Avtomil CleanCar – products for car enthusiasts and car professionals.

Sorbomil – products for household purposes – for use at home, in industry, at HoReCa enterprises. ВОДОСОС Sorbomil – household products for absorbing and limiting the flow of liquids.

We are working on registration and protection of our trademarks. We are currently obtaining Registration Certificates for the following trademarks (service marks):

  1. Petmil Certificate No. 694073
  2. Medmil Certificate #694072
  3. My Puppy Certificate # 750758
  4. Babymil Certificate #793331

If you are interested in producing goods under your own brand: then have a look at Collaboration/Contract Manufacturing.PL