Medmil WC

Medmil WC brand introduces interchangeable absorbent disposable toilet bags suitable for different types of potties, liners and other toilet devices.

  • designed for use with potty, lined vessel, other sanitary toilet devices;
  • has a special absorbent liner with super absorbent polymer (SAP) which binds > 500 ml of liquid, converting it into a gel;
  • reduces the spread of bad odors, both by absorption and by ensuring quick and easy disposal of waste;

Care for a bedridden patient, a patient on bone traction after a fracture, for people with limited mobility - it is always hard work. In addition, patients themselves are stressed, embarrassed and ashamed of the problems associated with conventional toileting, whether it takes place in an inpatient ward or in an apartment room.

The Medmil WC bags make it easier for the staff to care for patients and allow a comfortable, hygienic and delicate solution to the toilet problems of a bedridden or disabled patient.

  1. sturdy and bulky matte polyethylene bag with handles for tying the neck and carrying;
  2. multilayer absorbent liner containing super absorbent polymer (SAP);

All materials used are non-toxic, safe and easy to dispose of.

  1. Take the bag out of the package (for convenience, the bags are stacked in blocks of 5)
  2. Evert and straighten the bag, put it on the potty, positioning the absorbent liner inside the potty.
  3. After use, tie the handles of the bag in a knot.
  4. Dispose of as household waste. Do not throw it down the toilet!
We additionally recommend:
  • You can leave a spare clean bag on the potty or vessel in advance for quick use.
  • The MEDMIL WC bag with an absorbent liner inside can be used successfully for nausea and vomiting, cleaning and disposal of waste containing liquids.
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