History of the organization


MEDMIL, LLC was created by the founders to implement a commercial project to start its own production in February 2014. 

The automatic production area, ventilation and filtration equipment, compressor equipment and power supply communications, warehouses of raw materials and supplies, a platform for feeding raw materials to the line, the product packaging area is equipped. 

In the administrative office are placed: Head of Production, Administrative Service of production, Chief Engineer Service.

The development of the assortment and own trademarks of the Company was started. 


Established relations with domestic and foreign suppliers of quality raw materials and packaging materials. 

The basic technical documentation has been developed, the necessary permits (certificates, registration certificates and certificates, declarations, information letters) of EurAsEC, Rospotrebnadzor, Roszdravnadzor – for all types of manufactured products have been issued.

The main production and warehouse complex of the Company is equipped with the area of more than 1200 m2.

There are amenity and sanitary rooms, a place for eating and rest of the staff.


An up-to-date finished goods warehouse with over 2,000 m3 of shelf storage with a ramp and driveway is under construction;

The production facilities are equipped with video cameras with a centralized control panel, signal transmission to the Company’s head office and recording.


To meet the growing needs of logistics and sales expansion, the Company established a separate division in Moscow with an office to house the management and sales department of the division; a 500 m2 product warehouse with a warehouse office was equipped in the industrial area of TyNAO of Moscow.


Conveyor lines for automatic transfer of semi-finished and finished products between workplaces during production are being installed;

The Company’s own trademarks are being designed and registered. 


The company is a participant in the programs of the Kurgan Territorial-Branch Cluster (KTOK) “Kurgan Medical Cluster” and the Export Support Center of the Kurgan Region Investment Agency Foundation. 

MEDMIL LLC became the leading link of a group of small Ural production companies, focused on the production of hygienic and medical products.

An official certificate for the trademark MEDMIL was obtained.

Since the start-up the company grew 10 times: the production output is up to 2.000.000 diapers per month, working only one shift. The average number of employees for the reporting period of 2019 is more than 60 people.


Implementation of the Company’s QMS in accordance with the requirements of international and national standards of 9001 series, ISO 9001-2015 certification of the Company’s QMS.

Launched a large-scale project for the construction and equipping of a new production building in Kataysk.

We got official certificates for trademarks: PETMIL, MY PUPPY.


Company passed an audit and received an international certificate of compliance of quality system ISO (ISO) 9001-2015 from a famous company Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.), Geneva, Switzerland. 

Official certificate for the BABYMIL trademark was obtained.

Launching and bringing the new production complex and production equipment to its planned capacity is going on.