MEDMIL was founded in May 2014 in the old Ural town of Kataysk, Kurgan region.    

The implementation of the company’s project for the production of hygienic and medical disposable products began with the launch of the first automatic line.

Over the past years the company has grown by 10 times. The company produces more than 1 000 000 diapers per month, working only one working shift. The company has opened its head office in Yekaterinburg, a modern logistics center is established at the production site, the office and warehouse of the representative office in Moscow have started their work. 

The main product of MEDMIL was disposable absorbent diapers. Structurally our diapers are rectangular multilayer cloths bonded with thermal adhesives, consisting of non-woven materials, paper backing, polyethylene, fluffed cellulose, fillers – super absorbent polymers, baking soda, activated carbons, etc.  

The flexibility of the technological complex allows us to create a wide range of diapers, cloths, mats and beddings of different designs and sizes, for a variety of applications, consumer and industrial use.

Our products are used for:

  1. For personal hygiene, home and professional medical care
  2. Hygiene and care for newborns and infants
  3. Pet care
  4. For use in car interiors and trunks
  5. For use in households, HoReCa enterprises, cleaning

Developments are also being made in other areas: products for industrial use, environmental cleaning, etc.

Our company is a participant in the programs of the Kurgan Territorial-Branch Cluster (KTOC) "Kurgan Medical Cluster" and the Export Support Center of the Kurgan Region Investment Agency Foundation.