Disposable bags for Babymil WC travel pots 15 pcs.

The bags with liners 15 pieces for convenience are folded into blocks of 5 pieces.

Design: voluminous sturdy mat bag-undershirt, multilayer block liner insert with gel-forming superabsorbent.

Packaging: bottom-folded LDPE bag 15 pcs, color label enclosed.

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    • Take the bag out of the package (for convenience, the bags are stacked in blocks of 5).
    • Evert and straighten the bag, put it on the vessel or the pot of the sanitary chair, placing the absorbent liner inside the bag.
    • After use, tie the handles of the bag into a knot.
    • Dispose of as household waste or according to the regulations of the institution. Do not throw it down the toilet!


    • A spare clean bag can be left on the vessel or potty in advance for quick use.
    • Separate Medmil WC bag with absorbent liner inside can be successfully used for nausea and vomiting, when disposing of liquid waste.