BABYMIL - kids moisture-absorbing disposable underpads.

Manufactured in accordance with TC 17.22.12-003-11046488-2019, "Optima" model. Fully meet the requirements of TR CU 007/2011 "On the safety of products intended for kids and adolescents."

The underpad's surface is a specially selected hydrophilic non-woven material soft as cotton, consisting of 100% absolutely bio-inert non-allergenic polypropylene.

Diamond-shaped pressing significantly accelerates the distribution and absorption of liquid, does not allow the absorbent layer to stray in any situation.

The soft, non-slip protective layer of the underpad has a cute signature pattern.



  • Absorbent disposable underpads protect linen, mattresses, strollers, and cribs from leaks.
  • Unlike oilcloths, absorbent disposable underpads create a "breathing" space protecting the baby's delicate skin from diaper rash.
  • Use them as additional protection while sleeping, feeding, changing diapers, taking air baths, “exercising”, and massage.
  • Absorbent disposable underpads are indispensable for a walk, when going to a pediatrician, on a trip.